Rhod. sølvørestikker CHARM52 kors

Rhod. sølvørestikker CHARM52 kors

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This trendy necklace goes with every outfit, with its sweet and feminine pendants. The five pendants are shaped as a moon, star, heart, sun and cross. Five classic symbols that have been popular in the jewellery business for many years. The hammered surface gives the chain a cool and unique look. The necklace is in 18-carat gold-plated silver and is part of the Charm52 series. The accompanying chain measures 45 cm. There’s an additional 3 cm just adjustments so you can easily choose the length that fits you and your outfit. The fine print The jewellery is stamped with 925 which is the professional term for sterling silver. That also goes for our gold-plated jewellery. Other than that, the jewellery is stamped with NOA which is Nordahl Andersen’s personal name stamp. This is likewise registered by danish precious metal control. All our jewellery is also nickel- and lead free.

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